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Who We Are

At People's Theatre Collective, we are passionate about empowering young people
through the arts. Our theatre and creative arts workshops and productions provide a
safe and inclusive space for young people to express themselves and develop their
skills. We work with schools and the community to ensure that everyone has the
opportunity to participate in the arts regardless of any barriers they may face.

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Booking for our summer holiday workshops is now live!



Free performances touring this Summer!



This Autumn we are launching a brand new Theatre Group for young people in Bicester!

Why Choose Us?


...after the spirit of our beautiful Park, gifted to the People of Banbury over a hundred years ago, where “There would be no first class, second class or third class; the youngest and oldest, the richest and poorest could meet here”. We will be creating inclusive and relevant work for and by young people for many years to come.

theatre at the core of what we do, complemented and enriched in all the other creative adventures we embark on with our young people. Theatre changes their world.


...reflects the many different groups of young people we work with. And the power those young people hold in guiding our work to meet their needs. It also reflects the nature of our relationship with everyone who works with us; our staff, families, artists and partners.

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"People’s Theatre Collective will be a creative agent for change for our young people, investing in their lives and futures"

- Deborah Howe, Co-Chair of Trustees

what You say

My daughter is loving the Theatre Groups. It’s an opportunity to be herself & experiment without judgement.

Parent of Participant

It’s just exactly what we wanted. We never realised we could do so much with art and it is just so beneficial for our little ones.

– Yasmin Kaduji, Banbury Mosque Amplify project

My son had a trial session last night in the junior group and absolutely loved it, he couldn't get over how welcoming everyone was and he said he felt part of a group and that it didn't matter that he was new. 

Parent of participant

They are happy people, and it’s so lovely to be a part of. It’s life changing, my life would
be entirely different without it.

– Theatre Group Participant

where to find us

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